Repair & Maintenance

To an outside observer, it’s hard to put a finger on just why the car leasing market is so competitive. A big part of it is the fact that assets at the core of the service — the cars themselves — are commodities. This basic reality has increased the price sensitivity of leasing customers and obliges leasing companies to look at their inner workings for sources of competitive advantage. Broadly speaking, the key to success is, first and foremost, the overall quality of the customer experience, which enables car manufacturers and leasing companies to attract and retain customers.

 ,,Driving toward lower costs and better practices.”

But for these companies to succeed over the long haul, they must also master the more “behind the scenes” processes that are critical to minimize the cost of their vehicle fleets. Like most capital assets, automobiles incur costs — both predictable and not — over their life cycles, from tune-ups and servicing to collision repair to their eventual retirement at the handover of the vehicle. With some fleets numbering in the hundreds of thousands or more, even small incremental cost savings at each of these points can add up to enormous cumulative savings and higher profits. But for even the most sophisticated car manufacturers and leasing companies, achieving these improvements is far easier said then done. Belgium-based UBench International was founded by a group of seasoned industry veterans to help these companies meet this goal.

UBTech is a professional procurement platform, fully integrated with the Dealer Management System, putting the national importers’ spare parts catalogue as a standard. The procurement (approval) rules and the schemes of periodic maintenance services are set in agreement with and/or by the Customer (UBManage). The communication platform between the Customer and the Dealer network allows for high rate of automatic approval of service quotes for preventive maintenance (75%) and tear and wear.