Accident Management & Claims Handling

A car accident is often the beginning of a long drawn-out procedure. This is because the settlement process for the claim involves a number of parties that are not ideally linked to eachother: call centre, towing truck service, bodywork repair shop, expert, customer, leasing company, insurance company, etc. Smooth communication is the key for enabling all of the actions required by the parties involved to be taken efficiently and at the right time. And this is precisely where the problem lies today. All of the parties work with their own administrative procedures and communication can often be slow and less than complete. The result of this mishmash of contacts is an obscure mass of bureaucratic red tape that slows down the handling process unnecessarily and only adds to the cost.

,, Manage your car accident transparently and efficiently…”

UBClaims is a unique communication platform that operates via the Internet to enable all of the parties involved in a claim to process and monitor each case in a straightforward and accessible way. We are creating a single virtual ‘Claims’ community in which all of the external players are able to communicate and work with one another smoothly – which enables them to focus on what their actual core business is meant to be.

Speed, efficiency and clarity are the keywords. It is vital for each party to be informed in the same way about the aspects of the claim that they have to handle and make decisions about. This eliminates over-reporting and enables the various players to concentrate fully on providing the individual services they are best at. In practice, the details of an accident will be made available in a single movement from the call centre to the parties involved.

In first place, the repair shop selected automatically by ‘UBClaims’ as being the most local repairer, is requested to make an appointment with the driver. Using a simple login and password, the repairer has access to all the information required for the repair. In no time at all, a price quote and timeframe can be established, after which a replacement car is automatically booked at the car hire company for the duration of the repair.

A technical co-ordinator will then use the digitally provided information (estimate and photos) as the basis to assess the damage off-site, liaise with the repairer and go ahead with the order. This all takes place in a matter of minutes, not days. While the repair is taking place, the repairer has a straightforward manner of reporting on progress via the Internet file, whether or not using a palmtop iPad that can be connected to the platform.

In brief, instructions, communication, transparent monitoring of the claim, invoicing, etc. can all take place via the internet. And a simple internet subscription is the only marginal cost required for each of the joint-suppliers in the claim loop. UBench International intends to use a dedicated approach to generate greater efficiency for the companies involved and better service for the customer. To achieve this, it uses the existing network of specialist entities to provide a single level of support that includes the critical communication process.

The basic premise of the whole system is that each partner is able to become more efficient by operating in this innovative manner. The bottom line is also of benefit to the lease company or insurer and, above all, it works out cheaper for the consumer. So UBClaims is a clear win-win situation for everyone involved in the service chain.

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