Be in the Driver’s seat

Be in the Driver’s seat

Take initiative, be digital, build your own community. Connect online & offline with the client at lower cost and higher revenues. Surprise your driver, and he will be a life-time customer, selling your business to friends and family. Call it “Return on HAPPINESS”.

Take care of your customers in a more efficient way!

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We are proud and grateful to have you as a member of the UBench community. As a daily user, you already know how the UBench platform helps you take care of your customers in a more efficient way.

Because we care. Its our passion.

So did you know UBench has a lot more to offer than just one application? The video below gives you a summary of the UBench ecosystem.

Feel free to contact us if we can help you take care of your customer even better!

We’re still there for you

We’re still there for you

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The screens in the office went dark, but the home offices are installed! We’re still online and will serve you the best as possible. Please excuse any delay in answers, but rest assured that all our services are up and running, and our servicedesk will respond your questions!

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services just went live with UBench

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We’re very proud to announce that Volkswagen Pon Financial Services, one of the largest leasing companies of the Netherlands, has joined UBench.

They have chosen to manage their claims using the UBClaims platform to get rid of administrative overload, use proactive communication and 24/7 access to all the details to improve their service even more! Drivers are important to them. Now, using UBench, they’re able to put them in the middle.