Mobility Service

Carole, who drives a fancy BMW 1 Series, has a technical breakdown and calls the phone number on her Dealer Service Card. An operator of the roadside assistance company helps Carole and sends immediately Jack, the automotive technician in the area. Jack can’t repair the BMW on the spot and tows the car to her dealership.
John, the dealer technician, has a small stock of rental cars. John launches the UBFlex App on his iPad, where he opens the stock list with the available rental cars on his site and books the black BMW 1-series for Carole. Together they inspect the black car for scratches or other damages, and she signs with the tip of her finger on the iPad for receipt of the car in the condition they assessed together. At the very same moment, a e-mail is sent to Carole with the rental contract and the vehicle assessment report.
The next day, after being called by John who repaired Carole’s car, she returns the rental car. John and Carole inspect the car again at the drive-in spot and she signs for delivery and again a vehicle inspection report is sent to herself and the dealership.
The black BMW 1-series is back at the disposal for booking.

,,Rental fleet managed at your fingertip, anytime anywhere in the cloud.”

With Mobile Automotive Services, you can extend your key enterprise information and business processes anywhere, anytime and through any mobile device. Implementing UBFlex app provides the following features to manage your rental fleet in a state-of-the-art way:

  • Paperless management
  • Book a rental car from your stock
  • Assess the condition of the rental car at check-out, together with the customer, who signs for acceptance
  • Automatically generate rental agreement, which is sent by e-mail to the customer and the rental agent
  • Assess the rental car at check-in, together with the customer, and charge new damages based on the UBench Vehicle Damage Matrix
  • Improve visibility into your rental fleet: driving cars, bookings, checkins & checkouts of the day, overdue, stock

Implementing UBFlex app within your enterprise provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate communication and transcription delays
  • Reduce information sharing costs, no paperwork
  • Achieve cost reductions from such variables as increased service force efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction from enhanced responsiveness and professional exposure
  • Improve visibility into operations and manage fleet occupancy rate