Benchmarking For You

Nowadays there is a focus shift on the market place from the product-oriented to the customer-oriented approach. Primarily to achieve full customer satisfaction we appeal to the so-called Perfomance Monitoring System. The monitoring system is supported by advanced Quality Management and Information Technology knowledge in order to create an effective process management tool. The essence of the Performance Monitoring System will be, besides being result oriented, a process-based monitoring system, which will allow to anticipate preventive actions instead of ex-post assessments. Its objective is to enable focused management decisions in order to allow early adjustments to be made with minimal disruption and to ensure that the service chain process remains on course and reaches its objectives.

,,The key to profitable business is exactly the same as the key to creating value: relationships, not transactions.”

The UBench Supplier Rating System enables to monitor the performance of the community and is based on the benchmarking principle (UBench = “Benchmarking for you!”). By collecting critical process information and combining it into a supplier scorecard that is constantly updated and accessible across your company and to the supplier, the Supplier Rating System enables you to: monitor, evaluate and optimise supplier performance, rate current suppliers consistently and continuously, share performance measures and benchmarks with suppliers in a secure, collaborative environment in real-time and enables the supplier to benchmark his performance with his competitors in the community, resulting in higher efficiency and enhanced quality for you.