Used Cars & Vehicle Remarketing

In the used car market nowadays the remarketing of vehicles is often carried out by major logistics providers. Unfortunately, valuable time is wasted by following procedures and protocols established years ago – without realizing that what worked then, could be causing significant delays and wasting time today. Without up-to-date procedures and up- to-the-minute information, one could be paying for costly inefficiencies, missing valuable business opportunities and losing competitive speed. Time has come to shift from a fragmented series of happenings, leading to undue delays and lack of transparency, to a collaborative, action-flow managed fulfillment process with seamless transition between the various value chain stages. This is the principle of the “Real- Time Community”, which is successfully adopted in UBSales. The key to profitable business is exactly the same as the key to creating value: relationships, not transactions.

,,Collaborative Remarketing Hub & Multi-Channel Sales.”

Once a driver triggered the handover of the car, the UBSales service chain is launched, streamlining the services and their suppliers: transport, storage management and vehicle assessment, preparing the vehicle at full speed to be sold via different channels: sale to driver, retail channel or wholesale auction. The best match between the vehicle supply, remarketing channel (demand) and auction dynamics has proven to result in significantly better sales results.

UBSales delivers real-time vehicle and assessment information to other sales platforms and integrates in real-time their bids in the UBSales auction (webservice technology). The results of the auction are integrated in the UBSales service chain that ends with an easy-to-use e-billing for each party involved. In other words, UBSales provides a Collaborative Hub, that allows enterprises to engage with everyone within the remarketing service chain: national and international wholesalers, fleet owners and logistics service suppliers, aiming continuously to balance supply & demand (regional – brands – price segments). This real-time community approach eliminates all administrative hassle via information sharing and full transparency and what’s more, it guarantees the best sales performance.