UBench brings speed, efficiency and responsiveness to the automotive industry.

Renting a car seems simple — but it actually involves a whole community of companies: from insurers to repair shops to the leasing company itself. To enable real-time collaboration across all those players for the life of each vehicle, Belgium-based UBench International built a revolutionary management system, featuring supplier, vehicle and spare parts database.

UBench provides a collaborative framework that allows leasing companies, importers and insurance companies to engage with everyone within the service value chain — partners, suppliers, customers and employees — to create a single virtual enterprise connected in real-time.  UBench is known for their industry-wide collaborative platforms: UBClaims (Accident  & Insurance Claims Management), UBTech (Repair & Maintenance), UBSales (Vehicle Remarketing), UBFlex (Mobility Solutions), UBScore (Benchmarking & Reporting).