The end of reactive customer service

DLight is a service provider that focuses on introducing commercial proactive communication in service companies, with a vision to exceeding the expectations of its customers (“customer delight”). In this way, we can add value to the customer’s journey.

DLight introduces proactive communications to lease- and insurance customers during the cycyle of a damage claim.

We return on customer happiness

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in internal workload (=NO STRESS)

→ No more costs on absences caused by stress

  • A proactive attitude

→ We solve problems before they arise

→ Questions are answered before they are asked

We offer you our Service
A solution for everyone

What sets you apart from your competitors? Nine out of ten companies offer: “good service”. DLight ensures that your service gets real value. How?

“Relax, we’re already taking care”

  • DeLighting the customer and making them your personal ambassador
  • Partner-dealer management: making sure KPIs are fulfilled
  • Less workload for you internal service departments


  • Bronze
    • Opening new damage claims
    • Intake and registration on the UBench platform
    • Check and complete the basic claim information
    • Order services: message to repairer and expert
    • Fist contact with the driver
    • Complete the claim based on the declaration form / police report
  • Silver
    • Proactive follow-up status of expertise and repairer
    • Guiding the repairer and expert in the damage process
      • Weekly personal follow-up
    • Reducing claim duration: cycle times repair and expertise
      • Reducing costs for the repair and replacement vehicle
    • Regular updates to update driver about the repair status
  • Gold
    • Satisfaction survey
    • Periodic reporting
  • Claims handling
    • Claims recovery: follow-up recovery and own risk
    • Re-bill of deductible
    • RDR-claims
    • Legal aid

Digital perfection and human interaction

Through our digital ecosystem we provide central real-time data. UBench helps bring speed, efficiency, and responsiveness to the automotive industry. We provide a collaborative framework that allows fleet owners to engage with everyone within the claims value chain — partners, suppliers, customers, and employees — to create a single virtual enterprise connected in real-time.

We know at all times what you and your customer expect from us. We register every step. It allows you to analyse, evaluate and adjust processes. Everything for a better customer experience.

The successful customer relationship of the future will therefore be built on both the rational (digital perfection) and the emotional (the human touch). The point at which the customer relationship excels in both its digital and human aspects we call customer D(e)Light

Our approach?

You will find that in our slogan: Relax, we’re already taking care. Proactive, personal, human.

Our clients?

Our ecosystem is designed in a way that the user can work from any location, at any time. Each service-partner can monitor all processes at any time in complete transparency, making us the ideal partner for many partners around the world.

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