The Company

Innovation by Simplicity

UBench International runs a innovative internet platform for the automotive service market (since 2003). UBench International has developed a new vision on the total car life cycle management or the realisation of a lower ‘cost of ownership’ combined with the enhancement of the mobility service to the driver. 

Making the simple complicated is commonplace.
Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.
– Charles Mingus –

By looking at the business across company borders and optimising the performance of the overall ‘community’ of suppliers and partners, our customers directly improve operational performance – enhancing employee productivity, reducing cycle time or elevating customer retention rates. These operational performance improvements, in turn, can yield significant improvements in financial performance across multiple dimensions – including earnings growth, cost reduction and asset leverage. UBench offers six services: UBClaims (accident management), UBTech (repair & maintenance), UBSales (remarketing), UBFlex (mobility services), UBScore (supplier & fleet reporting) and UBDrive (mobile supplier & driver apps). Resounding names of financially solid customers as LeasePlan, Alphabet, ALD Automotive, BMW, GDF Suez, Athlon Car Lease, … as well as the international insurance broker AON have signed long-term agreements with UBench International. The UBench concept and the related operational platforms enable them in their aim to differentiate their service offering in a competitive and drastically changing automotive market.

Identity by Authenticity


Take a bird’s eye view, open the company cage and redesign – read simplify – processes across businesses in the automotive industry. This makes us special.


Streamlining the various service deliveries: maintenance, warranty, insurance, trade-in, resale, logistics,…, contributing to the Cost of Ownership over the entire car life cycle.


The UBench team have years of experience in automotive service industry. They are recognized for providing thought leadership to major organisations.


Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s UBench.


The Driver & Supplier score card “UBScore”” enables to monitor the performance of the community and is inspired by the principle of benchmarking.


Businesses in an integrated community can move together as one unit – quickly, smoothly – to seize opportunities and stay one step ahead of customer demands. UBench built up your value net.