UBench @ Kanaal Z!

Do we have ‘Alle zaken op een rijtje’? Off course! Kanaal Z has a weekly program called ‘Alle Zaken op een Rijtje‘. This program was created for entrepreneurs who wish to broaden the world for their business by an online interview & reportage on television. Our CEO Peter Verbraeken was asked to tell something more […]

Welcome Wim!

We are on a hiring highway! Beginning of May we’ve welcomed our 15th JAVA Developer: Wim Monden. We’re growing fast, but only to offer you the highest service and quality. Please meet Wim at our team page!

Welcome to the team, Erik!

So excited to have you on board, Erik! We’re really looking forward to your insights and fresh ideas. Together with Peter and Marc, you will set the limits to new heights! Looking forward to meet Erik Proost? Join him at LinkedIn!