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A car accident is often the beginning of a long drawn-out procedure. This is because the settlement process for the claim involves a number of parties that are not ideally linked to each other: call centre, towing truck service, bodywork repair shop, expert, broker, leasing company, insurance company, etc. Smooth communication is the key for enabling all of the actions required by the parties involved to be taken efficiently and at the right time.

And this is precisely where the problem lies today. All of the parties work with their own administrative procedures and communication can often be slow and less than complete. The result of this mishmash of contacts is an obscure mass of bureaucratic red tape that slows down the handling process unnecessarily and only adds to the cost, and what about the driver’s experience.

CarRoll helps to streamline this customer journey during this settlement process and manages a extended network of service points where the customer can present his or her damaged car.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art mobile technology the service agent assesses the damage of the vehicle. Based on these photographs and comments, a cost estimate is remotely produced by a technical coördinator, who defines the repair methodology (smart repair, one-day repair or standard bodywork repair). On the spot, the driver chooses for immediate payment or repair in the body shop community of his/her insurance company. In the time you drink a coffee, carRoll takes care of your insurance claim, … it’s all about customer and supplier delight …


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