Hi, I’m Wim Monden. A few years after I graduated as an industrial engineer electromechanics, I had the opportunity to retrain myself as a software developer. Since then and working at different companies, with different programming languages, I tried to keep focussing on improving my java development skills. Working together and learning from other colleagues […]


Hi there! Raised as the second youngest member of a 10 kids counting family, I quickly learned how to handle the adult world through music and technology. This fascinating childhood offered me the chance to develop as a creative and innovative thinker, passionate about technologies. Very early, the entrepreneurship kept me under its spell. As a […]


Hi there, my name is Marijke Somers. In 2004 I graduated at the Thomas More Geel as a software designer/analyst and started working as a Java developer. After a few years in consulting and 12 years for the packaging industry, I decided to join UBench. Java development is a passion for me, with a preference […]