Digital car repair platform lands in Italy

Digital car repair platform lands in Italy

UBench International provides a digital ecosystem for all stakeholders involved in the complete life cycle management of cars. Since it entered the market it has connected more than 1,8 million cars and 2.000 service providers resulting in a lower cost of ownership and the enhancement of the mobility service to the driver. A new partnership with Metafora will now bring this all-in-one solution to the Italian market.

UBench international, founded in 2003, provides a collaborative framework that allows fleet owners to engage with everyone within the claims value chain – partners, suppliers, customers and employees. The result of this holistic, secure and independent ecosystem is a single virtual enterprise that provides central real-time data to all service providers. In Belgium, the home base of the company, UBClaims has become the industry standard for accident and insurance claims management, used by most leasing companies, international insurance brokers (corporate fleets) and several other insurance companies. 

Ideal partner world wide

The advantage of each service partner being able to work from any location at any time, with full access to monitor all processes in a completely transparent way, has caught a lot of attention. It makes Ubench International the ideal partner for many leasing partners around the world. UBench International is already active in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland and Germany. In 2019 BASF acquired the majority share in the internet platform. A partnership that strengthened BASF’s position in the fast growing automotive service segment by connecting all players in the automotive aftermarket industry. 

New milestone: partnership with Metafora

Today a new milestone is on the horizon as UBench International announces a partnership with Metafora. Metafora offers a growing network of front-running body repair centers for fleets, insurance and leasing companies in Italy. The UBench ecosystem will provide them with a customer focused damage management. A complete all-in-one solution that helps Metafora handle car damage repairs from start to finish, resulting in lower repair costs, reduced cycle-times and a care-free journey for drivers. Metafora and Ubench International will consistently be focusing on their shared values of quality, efficiency, sustainability and digitalization.