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In this digital world everything has to go faster. Easier. To the point.
Waiting for a reaction? Maybe. But not too long.
Being contacted in stead of holding the line for hours? Yes, please!

That’s why UBench International involves the proactive call service of DLight. Because we believe we can even do it faster and better. DLight – The Customer Xperience Company – sees its challenge to approach customers in a quick and personal way in which they work very solution-oriented.
UBench International relies unconditionally on the cooperation with DLight – we’ll pass the key to our Servicedesk with full trust.
You can contact our servicedesk by e-mail at the well known mail address:
To contact an agent, please dial: +32 (0)2 669 14 26.
We are happy to help you!
With warm regards,
Peter Verbraeken
Proud CEO of UBench International