CAR INSURERS, soon a remnant of past glory?

Or will they make history?
In April 2016, the Belgian Car Insurers were invited to a unique hidden location in Flanders. UBench International challenged more than 30 insurers to push their boundaries in one evening they won’t easily forget.
Did they accept the challenge? Will they be a remnant of past glory or will they make history?

Future is coming really fast.
A personal approach will be the code to motor insurance in the future. How will this business manage to capture the hearts of the drivers?
Peter Verbraeken – proud CEO of UBench International and visionary UBManager – has put the attendees in the driver’s seat. How will the insurers integrate Passion, Empathy and Creativity into their business? How will they touch the HEART of their clients?
Afterwards, Steven Van Belleghem – key note speaker and author of the book ‘When digital becomes human’ – seduced and overwhelmed our attendees with new ideas and insights about tomorrow’s client.
It was a night about Porsches and champagne.
It was a night about CLIENTS and BELIEVERS who meet up and mingle.
It was a night about passion and emotion.
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              “Go HEART and buckle up for the future!”