The next 100 years – The future begins with a vision!

BMW not only wants to maintain the fascinating experience and sheer driving pleasure in the future, but to intensify it. The focus is on people and their individual mobility needs.
Constantly evolving to stay a decisive step ahead, has always formed the basis for the BMW Group’s thinking and actions as a company. In the context of its centenary, the company is looking two or three decades into the future and considering today the mobility concepts of tomorrow.
UBench is delighted to attend the Next 100 years event by BMW in Munich on the 7th of March 2016.

To find ground-breaking answers, the BMW Group is developing a clear vision of the future – a holistic blueprint for a future world of mobility focused on people and their individual mobility needs.
The following six statements provide a glimpse of the vision of “THE NEXT 100 YEARS”.

  • Mobility is becoming versatile.
  • Connectivity is becoming second nature.
  • Mobility is becoming tailor-made.
  • Technology is becoming human.
  • Energy is becoming emission-free.
  • Responsibility is becoming diverse.

UBench International is proud of being one of the closest partners of BMW concerning claims handling and pro-active and dynamic communication.