Repair & Maintenance

UBTech is a professional procurement platform for repair & maintenance, fully integrated with the Dealer Management System, putting the national importers’ spare parts catalogue as a standard. The procurement (approval) rules and the schemes of periodic maintenance services are set in agreement with and/or by the Customer (UBManage).The communication platform between the Customer and the Dealer network allows for high rate of automatic approval of service quotes for preventive maintenance (75%) and tear and wear.

UBTech : Repair & Maintenance

Cross-community collaboration

Cross-community collaboration—facilitated by automated workflows—represents an- other big strength of the platform. In the event of a maintenance, for example, UBench’s UBTech application automatically selects the right service package and schedules an appointment with the optimal service facility in the Dealer network.

UBTech is a state-of-the-art procurement platform, fully integrated with the DMS of the Dealer network and putting the national importers’ pricing as a standard. The quotation validation rules for the procurement of preventive maintenance services are set by the Customer, referring to the central OEM parts database. The real-time communica- tion between Customer and Dealer applications allows for automatic and immediate approval of service components as provided in the maintenance service packages administrated on the fly by the Customer.

Customer e-invoices are online generated from the approved quotation and legally archived according to the European Council Directive 2001/115/EC.

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