News Flashes

Winter 2014
March 2014 UBRentCustomer

UBench International launches test drive booking tool

UBench International developed a practical booking tool starting from the UBRent application that was build for the BMW Mobile Care project. BMW distributors are capable of planning a test drive for the latest electronic BMWi3 model in just one click. The platform is an ingenious system that reduces the administrative hassle drastically. This UBRent application will also be available for other brands and models.

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November 2013 UBenchPub

Finance Director Europe Magazine

Staying cost-effective across the entire leasing value chain is absolutely critical during crises years. That’s why UBench International developed a revolutionary new leasing management system which creates high convenience solutions. Finance Director Europe (FDE) interviewed the director and co-founder of UBench International Peter Verbraeken. Read more →

December 2013 UBClaimsCustomer

New business contract with GE Capital

At the end of 2013, GE Capital signed a new contract with UBench International. UBench now takes care of 9000 vehicles, serviced by the repairer networks of ABS and CARe. In order to optimise the work flow, we implemented a central billing system that allows the repairer networks to work fast and faultless.

February 2014 UBClaimsCustomer

J&T Autolease and Direct Lease

January 2014: UBench International starts a cooperation with J&T Autolease and Direct Lease. Together these fleets contain over 6000 vehicles, which are managed by UBClaims.

March 2014 UBClaimsCustomer

KBC Autolease

With 45 000 vehicles, KBC Autolease is one of the biggest fleets implemented in UBClaims. Together with the insurance department of KBC Autolease, UBench International takes care of a fast and accurate processing.