News Flashes

Spring 2014
March 2014 UBClaimsCustomer

Alphabet International

Alphabet International and UBench International join a mutual pact in order to create a uniform and centralized platform for 11 countries. Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg will be part of this international project. UBench takes the lead to create a central system to guarantee the best service to the Alphabet International clients.

April 2014 UBClaimsCustomer

GT Motive - A Mitchell Partner Company

As one of the largest international organizations with their roots in claims management systems, GT Motive is a strong and reliable partner for international business in Europe. As UBench International is growing and exploring the European automotive market, the cooperation with GT Motive will create a positive boost to our communication platform.

May 2014 UBClaimsCustomer

LeasePlan Luxembourg

Being one of the most trustworthy partners of UBench International in Belgium, LeasePlan decided to start with UBClaims in Luxembourg as well. With over 7000 vehicles, LeasePlan Luxembourg is now able to organize their claims handling smoothly with UBench.